The 25th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
IPCO 2024


Early Registration

The following are early registration rates available until the end of March.

Early registration optionsPrice
IPCO 2024 Conference onlyEUR 300
IPCO 2024 Conference only, studentEUR 200
IPCO 2024 Conference only, Mathematical Optimization Society memberEUR 250
IPCO 2024 + Summer schoolEUR 350
IPCO 2024 + Summer school, studentEUR 250
IPCO 2024 + Summer school, Mathematical Optimization Society memberEUR 300
IPCO 2024 + Summer school, student + student housing (21 remaining)EUR 350

Late Registration

Late registration will open in April. The rates will be 50 EUR higher.

Registration Process and Notes

  • For payment of the registration fee, there are two options:
    1. A direct bank transfer to the University.
    2. Using Paypal (which allows payment with debit/credit cards).
  • After registering using the form below, you will receive an email confirmation with a URL that will detail the payment methods. This URL will also list your registration details and allow you to insert additional comments to your registration.
    • In particular, if you wish to request help securing a daycare service in Wrocław for the time of the IPCO conference or you have other childcare requests, you can let us know via the post-registration form.
    • You can also request a physical copy of the proceedings via the post-registration form.
    • The registration confirmation email can take up to 48 hours to arrive; please contact us if it does not arrive after this time.
  • We wish to highlight the option for students to register for the entire IPCO conference and summer school with student housing as part of the registration fee.
    • The student housing option is only available for students and also is limited by capacity.
    • The student housing is at the “Kredka” student residence at 69 Grunwaldzka street, with check-in on the 30th of June and check-out on the 6th of July. The rooms are of the twin room type, each to be shared by two students.
    • If the table above shows that there are 0 spaces left, please do not select the student housing option, as we will not be able to provide it.
  • A receipt for the registration fee will be provided on-premises during the conference.
  • If there are any issues with the registration process (for example: the email is not received with the unique URL), please contact the local organizing team at ipcoconf2024 (at) For other questions regarding the conference, feel free to contact any of the local organizers.

Registration Form